Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Summer Tease

It seems like every spring, we get a week or two of summer. Real summer. 80 or 90 degree weather, bright blue skies. Everyone's happy, they can't wait to be outside, tans and sunburns start appearing. And just as quickly, the sun and blue sky disappears, and people grab their sweaters for the next month.

I think that's what we just had. The last week or so has been utterly glorious. It's been amazing to sit outside on the ferry in the late afternoon, watching the lazy slow river amble by. Today, of course, it's dropped about 20 degrees. While the sun's still out, it's not nearly as warm. Still, though, it'll be coming back again soon.

I had a crazy busy Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday were pokey. About 50-60 cars each day. I keep a camping chair in the back of my car, and sat out on the deck of the boat, drinking iced tea, reading a great book (Paul Theroux's Happy Islands of Oceania), watching the river. It was that type of warm weather where you're happiest sitting still, just enjoying it. The river is the lowest it's been since early fall. Because the height of the river is down, the velocity and speed is down too. It's like giant sheets of glass placidly flowing by. It was wonderfully delightful.

Of course, it's supposed to rain all next week. I'll be back to hand-knit socks and a polarfleece instead of shorts and tank tops. But summer's on it's way no matter what.

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  1. I really enjoyed your story. And I love Dick Gordon 's story hour. I listen all the time.
    You're lucky with that job. Yes, not forever, but enjoy it in the time you're there. That joy showed in your interview.