Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birds and Other Random

Every afternoon, tons of small birds, mostly swallows, I think, play around the river, swooping low to the water to catch bugs. They play on the boat too. I've been able to catch a few pictures of them lined up on various cables.

The first picture is a tree swallow. They're the most common. Their backs are a slightly shimmery dark green. I'm not totally sure what the birds are in the second picture. They have brownish red breasts and a dark gray or black back and wings. Here's another picture, a slightly better profile:

The ospreys are still building their nests like crazy. I don't know if I'll be able to tell if they've laid eggs yet, there is usually someone in the nest, but not always.

We had to replace a window on the boat. Frustratingly, they've temporarily put a plywood window in it's place. I demanded that we get a window in the plywood, and this is what was delivered:

The problem is, the window is located too high, high enough that I can't see what I need to for landing. Of course, I can figure out a different way of landing, but it's frustrating. Even worse than that, when I'm sitting at the desk when there are no cars, I can look through the window and see if there are cars on the other side. Now, with the plywood window, this is what I see when seated:

Hmmm, not very useful!

It's memorial day weekend right now. I work Sunday and Monday. I'm expecting a ton of traffic, though the weather isn't all that great, so I'm not sure if we'll get what I'm expecting. Even so, I get bonus pay for working on a national holiday on Monday, so that'll make for a great paycheck.

In other news, evidently the news magazine publishes transcripts of some of the interviews on The Story, which I was featured on last week. Last weekend, I got a message from a friend that she saw me on the front page of Salon! I went and looked, and lo and behold, there I was! I was flabbergasted! Their article is just a transcription of a portion of my interview, but regardless, I was stunned. And several friends made sure to inform me that my story was on the same page as an article about a vibrator museum! HA!!!!! I've placed a link to the article, as well as my interview on The Story, in the right hand column.

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