Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Drive Home with Me

The commute home from work, from the other side of the river than I've been commuting for the past year, is wonderfully pretty. This evening, I tried to take tons of pictures of what I drive past.

This is my view after I lock the gate. Having looked at the flat river and bright sun all day, there's something wonderfully appealing about the hill and trees:

As I drive through the little community up the hill, there's a long driveway that leads to a historic cemetery, as well as a butterfly exhibit (which, holy cow, looks like it's closing in June! That's a shame):

Once I leave town, it's flat fields (mostly growing grass seed) with hills in the background:

I love this corner. Not only is the sign for Rogue Farms great (Rogue makes beer, and grows hops at the farm, as well as has a tasting room for beer and spirits!), but when I look at the house to the left, they have two small signs, which I like:

Can you see them? I love "Life is an Adventure," but I'm somewhat suspicious of "Beacon of Promise," it seems oddly religious in nature. The hardscrabble farm attached to the signs is fun to look at each night. The cows have free reign over the place, and I often see them in the driveway, munching grass, with nothing between them and the road.

Just past the house with the signs, is a lovely falling down barn. Neither picture is great, but I'll put them both up. I think it's the prettiest thing I past every evening.

Pretty soon, I come to the house where I get my eggs each week. I love having farm eggs to buy. $3 a dozen is great, and the eggs taste like sunshine and are deliciously fresh. Only as I took this picture, did I realize that their sign looks like they painted the headboard of a twin bed and hung it up as their sign:

Pretty soon I cross the bridge over the river. This is the same river I run the ferry across, only the river is much narrower here. Once over the river, I'm in flat farm fields for a bit:

As soon as the fields end, I'm in hills and twisty turny roads until I get into town. I drive under two train bridges, with extremely sharp curves and narrow road:

One of the first signs that I'm into town is this house, which is so huge it's just ugly. I'm so not a fan of huge new mansions like this.

Pretty soon I'm driving past suburbia:

And then I'm into town and home!

It feels so different, this commute. I'm on small roads, I pass people's houses the whole way. I drive more slowly because of the twisty road. My old commute, on the interstate and then flat, empty roads, made me feel like I was the only person on the road, that it was extremely early and that I was the only person awake. Now, on these surface roads and back hills, there are many more cars on the road, kids waiting for the school bus, people going to and fro. It's really a nice commute. I do worry about the roads if we keep the boat on this side year round. Those hills and twisty roads would be treacherous in the winter. Other than that, it's really quite nice.

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