Saturday, May 19, 2012

Change in Procedures

Because of some issues we've been having with after hour visitors down to the boat, we're now parking the boat on the opposite side of the river. Tomorrow morning is my first shift driving to the far side. I drove down there today on my way to see my parents, and it's about a ten minute longer drive, which means waking up 10 minutes earlier each morning (as in, 5:10 am). It's a pretty drive, and it'll be nice just to have something different to look at. Polk County, which I'll be driving through, has pretty rolling hillsides. I won't be driving on the interstate at all to get to work. It's all back highways and farm roads, which I vastly prefer. I'll be driving through the community that the ferry gets it's name from each day. I really like that. I know many people who live there, and it makes me feel safer knowing that they're there.

One thing I've been hoping to find ever since I lost my job in the Planning department is somewhere to get fresh eggs each week. We had a lovely lady (aka, the Egg Lady) who would deliver eggs to us each week, they were delicious and super fresh, and only $2 a dozen. I've missed those  Egg Lady eggs ever since I've been on the ferry. When I drove to the boat today, I was happy to see a large sign selling eggs, and a refrigerator full of eggs right there in their driveway. They're not as cheap of Egg Lady Eggs, these are $5 a dozen, but man oh man, farm fresh eggs are totally worth it! I'm very excited to have access to good eggs again.

I'm also hoping to see farm stands selling peaches or blueberries, which I also see growing alongside the road.

The other nice thing about ending my day on the Polk county side is that, if I want to go to my parents for dinner or to spend the night, I'm a good 15 minutes closer. I love that. A lot. It's rare for me to not talk to my mom almost every day, and I try to see them at least weekly. Sometimes my mom comes up with her knitting (or knitting problems!) and we sit and drink coffee and knit. My mom and stepdad usually stop by on their way home from Portland or points north, and my dad likes to swing by to hang out, often taking me by surprise. Last summer, Dad would bring his guitar and serenade the cars crossing the river. Surprised the heck out of people, but was so lovely to hear.

The main thing I'm bummed about is just the longer commute. It's hard enough getting up at 5:20 four days a week, now it'll be a bit earlier. Doesn't seem like much, but I'm usually so tired to begin with, I'm already a bit bitter about losing those ten minutes. I know I'll get used to it, and maybe I'll actually start forcing myself to get in bed earlier!

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