Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Twenty Questions

People seem to ask the same questions all the time. Some of them, I've come up with charming, snarky or funny answers. Let's go through some of them:

Q: Can I get out of the car? (This is asked at least 10 times a day)
A: Of course!

Q: Where do I park? Is here ok?
A: Wherever you want! You've got the whole boat to yourself.

Q: What's the bell for?
A: For you to ring.

Q: Where will I be when we get to the other side?
A: You'll be on the other side. (seriously, this is my most favorite answer)

Q: How long until you leave? What's the schedule?
A: How about now? (People think the ferry is on a schedule, like the Seattle area ferries. Instead, I go when I have a car. Also, they like that answer. They think I'm doing it special just for them.)

Q: Are you electric of diesel?
A: Electric

Q: How's your day going?
A: Eh, back and forth. (Get it?! that's what I do all day! you've got to have the right person to use that one on)

Q: Is this boat new?
A: Yup, it's got that new boat smell.

Q: What happened last month when you were shut?
A: Ummm.....operator error. And no, it wasn't me!

Q: How much money do you make? This must pay really well. (seriously, people ask me this all the time!)
A: Plenty.

Q: Do boats get snagged on the cable?
A: Nope. They can cross just fine. We recommend staying decently far from the boat. That gives the cable time to sink back underwater. It's also safer.

Q: Why don't they build a bridge?
A: A new boat and ramps cost $5 million (I think). A bridge would probably cost $20 million.

Q: Where's your fishing pole? Do you fish off this thing?
A: Can I borrow yours?

Q: How late are you open?
A: Until 7, and my last trip is from west to east at exactly 7.

Q: Are you open year round?
A: We are now. (The previous ferry was closed in the winter. This ferry is more powerful and should do fine in the winter currents)

Q: Can I launch my kayak/canoe here?
A: Please don't! It's not safe, the ferry can slip off the ramp and slide 10 feet that way, right where you might be standing.

Q: How many trips do you make a day?
A: As many as I need to. (We don't keep track of that, just the number of vehicles per day)

Q: It's $3? The other ferry is $2!
A: We've got to pay for that new ferry smell!

Q: Have you been busy today?
A: Busy knitting!

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  1. this is great. at one of my old jobs we kept a box behind the counter where we'd write down the ridiculous customer questions (and our answers) and reread the collection from time to time...