Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall is Coming

The sun hasn't risen when I get to work, and it's just about set when I leave. The last few days have been cool, cool enough that I've turned the heat on in the cabin in the morning. Leaves are starting to trickle down from the trees. The turkeys are wandering all over the place, and this week I started seeing deer everywhere. It's sort of fascinating to have a job that keeps me so aware of the weather, seasons, animals, river. I'm so used to sitting in a cubicle, 20 feet from the nearest window, mostly out of touch with the world outside. And now I am outside.

Yesterday I had a visit in the afternoon from a woman who said, "Are you Captain Jenny? I read your blog!" OMG! A stranger, who reads my blog! I was so dorked out, I forgot to get her name, but she and her husband were out exploring all three ferries yesterday (though evidently the Canby ferry was closed). Strangers read my blog?!!!! Somehow that just makes my head explode. Really, I never thought I wanted to blog, that I wouldn't have anything interesting to say. And now that I'm doing it, I really love it. So wonderful woman who stopped by the ferry, thank you, and I'm sorry I was so dorkish!

My dad came up to the ferry again this morning, guitar in tow. I love it that he shows up, doesn't call, I just look up and there's a familiar looking gray suv parking next to my car. Today when Dad was on the boat, a couple of carloads of retired tourist types came through. They thought it was so cool, live entertainment!

I think I'm starting to somewhat get used to the super long hours. I'm not quite as tired at the end of the day or the end of the week. I'm still at the point where I consider it a victory if I can make dinner and do the dishes when I get home before collapsing on the couch or straight into bed. I'm starting to get a routine on the boat, knitting and reading, listening to podcasts all day since the radio doesn't get NPR. Speaking of which, favorite podcasts? I've already got a bunch of good ones, This American Life, RadioLab, The Moth, The Story. What else should I listen to?

Regardless, it's my Friday, I've just worked 52 hours, and I think I'm about to turn into a pumpkin if I don't get into bed soon.

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