Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shop Day

On Tuesday, the boss came down to the boat to give my my paycheck (which included all the overtime from labor day--OMGpaycheck), and suggested I spend wednesday in the shop working on the map and brochure I said I'd make for the ferry. I was pretty stoked, since I felt pretty burned out on the boat in general.

So Wednesday morning, I showed up at the boat at my normal time, then around 9:30, they guy who runs the boat on my days off (and has a shop day on wednesdays), showed up with the county truck at the boat. I hopped in and spent until about 4:30 at my old desk, with my old coworkers, having a really nice time.

And I'll say, yes, I got pranked before I even sat down. Damn you Patty!! Some of you may not know this, but my coworkers and I like to prank each other. I got really really good at it. Most of my pranks used things like the little paper bits left over when you hole-punch a paper. If you collect them every month from the photocopier, it really adds up. And if you strategically place them so they explode out on people when they least expect it, it's pretty awesome. So when I walked around the corner and into my old cube, Patty jumped out at me, yelling, "HI JENNY!" and honking a horn at me. I about peed my pants. It was awesome.

I didn't get the map done, but I made a lot of headway. Maybe one more shop day? :) I'm excited at how it looks, and it'll be really useful to show people how to get to the interstate or the butterfly place.

Around 4:15, I headed back to the ferry, since my coworker's wednesdays end at 5:30 and he needed to get back. The day flew by, I left with a ton of energy. It was so nice. It reminded me what I used to feel like after a normal day of work. I miss that. The 12.5 hour days are intense. I get home, too tired to cook dinner, too tired to run any errands. All I want to do is knit for a bit, then go to bed.

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