Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer is over

Really really over. It poured yesterday and again this morning. Then this afternoon it was so windy but also warm, it almost felt like massive thunderstorm weather in Texas. Because of the clouds and rain, there's virtually no traffic on the boat. Yesterday, instead of the usual 150 cars of Sunday tourists, I had 92, 20 of which were bikes. Today, driving rain in the morning and brutal wind in the afternoon, 56 cars. Do you realize how boring that is? I knit. I read. I listen to podcasts and music. I eat more chocolate than I should, simply cause it's there. I walk laps around the deck (40 laps equals a mile. I measured and calculated).

I'm bored. :( I think I'm sort of over this job. The whole fun boat in the summer stuff is over. Now it's fall, crappy weather, dark mornings and nights, even less traffic. I'm ready to get out of here, get a job in my field. There's a good job I'm hoping to interview soon for, and a few in Corvallis that I'm going to apply for. I'm sort of disappointed that it's now fall, and I'm still on the ferry. The good pay, the scenery, the quirkiness of the ferry doesn't compare with working inside, closer to home, in a job I like, a job that uses my brain.

Sorry, I'm sort of pensive and mopey this week. I'll be better soon, I promise.

In the meantime:

Because it's dark, I've finally gotten to see how the lights are on the ferry. And they're awesome:

The boat lights up like a christmas tree. I love it.

I didn't get a picture, but the wild turkey chicks aren't chicks anymore. they're awkward and big! And there is a doe and fawn I see most days, the fawn is growing quickly. I love the regular wildlife.

We finally got a new desk chair for the cabin, since the old one was probably 30 years old and just terrible. And the new one isn't actually new, and it's terrible in it's own way. Which sucks, but I know there's no use mentioning it, just getting a different chair was like pulling teeth.

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