Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Today is the second day of Spring. This is what I woke up to:
About 2 inches on the grass, sidewalks and roads were decently clear. Not too much to worry about, it was supposed to turn to rain and mostly melt throughout the day.

Out at the shops, it did turn to rain, but it hovered around 36 degrees, so the snow only somewhat melted. There was still snow on the ground and grass when I got home, and the snow was starting to really come down.

This is what I came home to around 9pm, after knit night:
Closer to 3 inches on the grass, the roads were a mess, my car slipped around a lot. And the snow is still coming down! I'm tempted to call in late to work, not because I'm afraid of driving in it, but because nobody else will be there!

Today is March 21st. A few planners and I spent a good while online looking for the latest date of snowfall in Salem. Turns out to be April 8th. So we're close, but not there.

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