Thursday, March 29, 2012


You know how sometimes, when you're around someone a lot who's usual mood is a certain way, sometimes you start to pick up that mood? I've got that going on. I feel like I'm surrounded by people who complain. About everything and everyone. I'm tired of it. I can feel myself getting sucked down into that, and it's really irritating me. So I'm not going to go into detail. Just know that there's been a bunch of drama lately, I got pissy, and dammit, I wish it'd just stop raining already so I can get back to my hermit life on the boat.

For the last few weeks, actually, for the last few months, every time the ferry is closed, I've been working my butt off creating a new system for time sheets, writing up a 17 page manual, and preparing the whole thing for people who aren't comfortable on computers at all. And today, we rolled it out. We had a 2 hour meeting that I lead (!!), where I projected the computer on the screen and walked through every step of the new system, from opening your time sheet to attaching it to an email and sending it. I'm actually really pleased with myself, and once everyone saw how easy it will be, they got pretty excited.

Even the big boss walked past me in the hall and thanked me for all of the work I put into it. I really miss that sense of accomplishing something.

I was so frustrated this week, I was planning on taking tomorrow off. Instead, I'm going to come in. As a reward, I'll take next friday off, since I already have next thursday off to take my stepdad to a doctor's appointment. Besides, I've already got a lot of stuff stacked up for me to do.

This morning, the little boss did something really kind for me. All of us were heading out to the WL ferry to move the boat, since water levels are going to increase 10 feet in 36 hours. Oh joy. Last time I'd talked to him, he'd had a list of office stuff for me to do, so I wore a handknit sweater and a down vest. When I realized we'd be outside, in the insane wind and rain we were getting, I got pretty irritable. On our way to the boat, I realized we were going through downtown, and I asked the boss to swing by my house so I could grab my rain gear. And he did! I ran into the house, grabbed a raincoat, rain pants, and a hat and was back in the truck in under 2 minutes. I was really pleased, and I felt like I was actually able to help on the boat, instead of shivering in the cabin.

p.s. If you roast little skinny asparagus with olive oil and salt, the tips get super crispy. As crispy as a potato chip, but tasty like asparagus. Do this. It's spring, asparagus is here! :)

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  1. Ha ha! This rain is making a lot of people cranky, I guess.

    Also, true fact: asparagus is the perfect un-cranky food. It's true.