Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have to work?

I'm at the very very end of having 11 days off. I only took 4 days off work, and won the jackpot with 11 days freeeeee. I would have been back to the ferry today, except the river is extremely high, and both ferries are closed. Such a strange spring we're having. Massive hailstorm yesterday, and that's probably the 4th or 5th hailstorm in the last few weeks. And now there may be snow flurries tonight.

So I'm in the shops for at least all of this week and next, and probably at least some of the week after that. In some ways, it's a really nice transition to coming back after a good vacation. I've had enough time off that my sleep cycle has reverted to how it would be if I had no responsibilities and no job: stay up until about 2 am, then sleep until 10:30. You can guess how productive I've been this week (not!!).

The boss had mentioned to me that when the trainee operator gets her license, he'd like me to have a shop day every Wednesday. I'd lose 3 hours of overtime, but I think other than that, it sounds great. I'd have a shorter day on my last day of the week, the day I'm the most tired. Plus I'd be done working by 5:30, and could go to knitting at a normal time every week. I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm hoping I'm mostly working around the office this week, since I don't want to do the grunt work, and would rather sit at a desk surrounded by my Planning Dept friends. But I've learned my lesson from the last long period of shop days: no nice shoes, no white cashmere sweaters. You never know what you'll be stuck doing that day until you show up for work.

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