Monday, November 14, 2011

What a ferry captain brings to work

I bring a pretty full backpack to work every day, plus a large grocery sack full of food on my Mondays. I've seen the backpacks and coolers my coworkers bring, so I know I'm not along in packing the kitchen sink. Cause if you run out of something, it's not like you can take a break and run to the store. So I thought I'd go though my backpack and food bag and show you what I've got.

I have a backpack with about 20 different pockets and pouches. It's actually nice, everything is separated and pretty organized.

In the back pocket, I've got my wallet, iPad, a book, and sometimes a spare knitting project.

2nd pocket has all of my personal stuff. The bottom of that pocket is riddled with things like a pack of Kleenex, ibuprofen, supplies for that time of the month, a makeup bag with nail clippers, tweezers (the light is really good here for eyebrow grooming), dental floss, and band aids. Hand cream, a nail file. Another knitting project or two, and my warm weather gear, which usually consists of a hat, shawl, fingerless gloves and leather gloves. Oh, and hair clips, and a hairbrush. I'm probably forgetting a few things. That's the main pocket.

The front pocket is for the work funky stuff. I have a bandana and two pairs of work gloves there. I'll also shove my reflective vest in there at the end of the week. If stuff gets grimy in that pocket, it won't grime up and infect the rest of my stuff.

Theres a small pouch in the back for my iPod, cell charger, headphones and any other miscellaneous electronics.

The small pouch in front holds two important things: my coast guard license and my chap stick.

Attached to the two clips on front are hair ties, and I usually put my coffee thermos in the front outer pocket. Which, if the pocket isn't tightened down enough, the thermos can fall out if I lean too far forward. Which is how I learned that a thermos can float, and that it's worth a wet foot for good coffee.

Thats the backpack. I also carry a canvas grocery bag to work on Sunday, the start of my week, with my food for the week. While I pack lunches and breakfasts, the bottom of the bag is lined with drinks and snacks. So this week, I've got a dozen breakfast burritos, and risotto and soup for my lunches. The bag also has a few apples, packs of almonds, dried fruit, various chocolate things, tea, sugar for tea, those Starbucks instant coffee things, my water bottle, a bowl, coffee cup, silverware. Half and half for the tea and coffee, and one pop per work day. Food variety helps, and knowing I can reach into the bag and find a thing of popcorn to microwave one day and some chocolate covered pretzels the next is nice. Cause down here, where it's all monotonous, food monotony sucks even more.

I don't know what my coworkers eat. I've seen things of cup o noodle in the garbage, I can't imagine eating that stuff in general. Lol. And it certainly wouldn't keep me full or interested for 12 hours!

Sorry I didn't post for so long. I was training all last week as well, a nice guy, easy to get along with. Last week I also had the slowest day I've ever worked: 34 cars. That's less than 3 cars an hour. So far today, it seems like about the same. Ugh.

On Wednesday, the boat will be closed all day. There are a lot of things to repair, so we've got several crews and we're hoping to get it all done. I'm supposed to stay until the bitter end, which sounds crappy, since there's enough stuff to potentially keep us here longer than 12 hours. We'll see. Part of me wants to chicken out and call in sick.


  1. Typing on an iPad causes some odd spelling mistakes! I fixed it, thanks.

  2. Mmm, hot coffee soaked in good W. river water! I hope the boys aren't making their Cup 'o Noodles with that water.