Thursday, October 13, 2011


Deciding to put up a whole post of pictures, and lots of them, was really a good excuse to clean out the SD card on my camera as well as all the pics on my phone. Anyway, here are a ton of pics. I often snap random pictures whenever something catches my fancy. I think most of these are ones you haven't seen before, or ones I posted on facebook but not here. Regardless, enjoy!

The fog and spiderweb pics were from yesterday morning. It was so foggy that when a coworker came down to the boat at 9:30 and I was parked on the other side, he had to text me for me to come over and get him. He was flashing his lights, and it was so foggy there was no way I could see the opposite shore.

Looking at these pictures, it makes me realize what a beautiful sky there is down there. I also really love watching the sunrise. It's magical, fresh and new, and all for me.


  1. Lovely! Thanks for posting pictures!

  2. Love the cow. And the doggie on the motorcycle. I wish I had a good view from my office -- or ANY view!