Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm on the boat

I brought my laptop to work today, since it's pouring rain and so dreadfully slow. It's 11:39 as I write this, and I've had exactly 14 vehicles. That's 14 vehicles in 4 and a half hours. Slooooooow. I didn't have a single car between 8 and 10. Had a nice conversation with my sister for most of that time though!

So the job interview last week went really well. The job is different than I expected, in a really good way. A lot of my apprehension about working for this agency is alleviated. I do really want this job. I was told they were interviewing 7 people, and they're hoping to "know the next step" by the end of the month. GAH! Government jobs take so damn long to hire!

I'm going to buy an ipad soon. I'm really looking forward to it. Right now I'm online using my cell phone as a hotspot, but the reception is really poor, so it's like using dialup. So very 1998.

My sister made a comment this morning that I don't really put that many pictures up on the blog anymore. That's really true. I think it's because I've seen it all. I forget that you, my blog readers, haven't. It really is pretty here. When my mom comes to visit she always comments on it. I forget how pretty it really is, I'm sitting looking at it all day. Right now, the sky is flat and gray, and it's raining. The river is greenish brown, reflecting the trees on the far shore. The leaves are only just barely starting to turn, the green foliage is just starting to be a brownish green. The wind just picked up, so the rain is coming in at a steep angle. I can't see very far in either direction, the low clouds and rain are blocking the distant views up and downstream.

Soon, I promise (next time I remember, and when I'm at home with better cell reception), I'll put up a post full of pictures. I do still take pics of the boat on my phone, I just never post them. oops.

Yesterday, an old retired guy walked onto the boat. He evidently used to be a ferry operator on the BV back in the 1970s. He said he was working one day and a truck waiting on the road forgot to put on the brake, but hopped out to look at the ferry, and the truck rolled into the river! I think he was tickled that I was a young woman operating, I think people always expect the operators to be crusty old dudes.

Then just now (as I was writing this post, actually), another guy walked on. He used to work on the Bridge Crew, which does a lot of work on the ferries for the county. He had all sorts of technical questions. Pleased with myself that I knew the answers.

So yeah. That's a raining morning on the BV for you. I'm bundled up in wool socks, and a thick fleece, with the heater on, watching the rainy world outside the cabin. I think I'll go have a mug of tea.

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  1. You are the BEST writer and we, your audience, can't wait to see the pictures. It really is a beautiful place. Love and hugs.