Friday, August 19, 2011

No news is crappy too

I was supposed to hear today. And I didn't. So either:
A) They're not hiring me, and I'll get a "no thanks" letter in the mail next week
B) They want me but couldn't contact my references so they'll maybe do that and contact me on monday?

Regardless, I think it's most likely option A, so I'm pretty bummed. This job was huge. This job scared the shit out of me. It was so big, so different from anything I knew, and would be such a learning experience. I was terrified of getting it. And I'm guessing I didn't. Which really freaking sucks.

So, I'm already moving on. There is a job with the city I live in that I just now applied for. When I first moved back to Oregon, it was to take an Assistant Planner position with the city. It was temporary, so that's how I landed with the County. So now the city is hiring an Associate position. And I WANT IT.

In other news, the Saga of My License continues. Oh man, does it ever!

So I passed my test last tuesday. The other two guys got their physical licenses 4 days and 8 days after they passed their tests. I'm now at day 10, and it's not here. So this morning, I sat down and called the lovely coast guard office that I'm oh so familiar with calling. I explained the situation to the woman on the phone, that it's been 10 days, that I'm scheduled to work--using my license--on Sunday. She put me on hold for a veeeeeery long time, and came back to say that the last notation in my file is that my evaluator (oh no, not her again!!!) received my approval last friday. She had tried to reach my evaluator, but she wasn't answering her phone (are we surprised??). Nothing else has occurred in a week. I explained that my paperwork sat on my evaluator's desk for 3 weeks last time, and that I was really afraid that the same thing was going to happen this time. You guys should have heard me, I laid on the sugar so deep! I was all sunshine and rainbows and friendliness, and totally tugged at her heart strings. At the end of the call, the best she said she could do was forward this all to the supervisor, and maybe they could mail my license on Monday.

Two hours later, she called me back! She said that the supervisor spoke to my evaluator. But she said it more like, "the supervisor SPOKE to the evaluator." As in, opened a can of whoopass on my evaluator. And suddenly magic occurred. The evaluator approved everything, and the certification desk put a rush on my license, and they're overnighting it to me today. As in, I should have it tomorrow! Of course, by this time, the boss had already rearranged the schedule, and he refuses to arrange it back (to have me working the BV) until I have my physical license in my physical hand. I'm still totally worried that they didn't get it out in time today, that it won't make it here tomorrow, that I won't get it until Monday. But this is the fastest I've seen the Coast Guard do much of anything so far, so I'm pretty hopeful.

And all of that means....I'm on the boat on Sunday!!! If I have my license in my hand, I'll work my first full shift on the BV on sunday. 6:45am to 7:15pm, Sunday through Wednesday. The boss will work about a half day with me on my first day, to make sure I know the procedures, and to give me some pointers on sticking the landing. And then I'm FREEEEEEE! I'm actually pretty amazed at how excited I am for this. I was so angry at this job when I got it. I didn't want it, I resented it. And now, finally, it's all happening, and it's all mine. And damn I'm stoked!

And a rather funny postscript: Remember how I said I was painting a few offices, and that the yellow I had chosen ended up REALLY yellow? I took a picture as I was laying the floor tile. It's REALLLLLLY yellow.

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