Friday, June 10, 2011

Deer in a box

One of the regular guys we see a lot is a Fish and Game cop. Last week they did a sting operation on a guy who, with his friends, had been living in his boat for about a month, getting drunk every night and fishing all night using two poles (which is against the rules, I guess). The fish and game cops put in upstream from where the guy was tied up, floated down, and pulled up right beside him before they turned on all of their spotlights. Evidently the guy was butt naked and sound asleep or passed out from the booze. And in the middle of them writing him a ton of tickets, he passed out again! I saw him the next morning when he boated up to the boat ramp to pick up his friends. Even from the other side of the river you could see the big handful of tickets in his hand.

This week, the game cop came across the river in a hurry. He said that a doe had been hit by a car, and that they had found one of her fawns. He came by later that night with the very very young fawn in a small box in his car:
The box was maybe 5 inches high. The poor fawn must have been terrified, but the cop said at that age, they like very small spaces, it was comforting. I so badly wanted to touch it, see if it was soft.

Yesterday afternoon, the cop came by again and said they'd found the sibling to the first, that they knew there was a second one but couldn't find it the first day. This one, a boy, was a lot more spotted than the first:
You can see the cop's hand, you can tell how small the sweet thing is.


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  1. Awww, the poor babies!I'm glad someone found them before the coyotes did.