Monday, May 23, 2011

Only the good

I don't want this blog to be where I come to bitch and whine. We all hear enough of that in our daily lives. Plus, thanks to my sweet friends, my mom and my sister, I whine enough as it is! :) So therefore, today is all good things.

Things I love about the ferry:

-There's an osprey nest we can watch, and at dusk, the ospreys ride the thermals...then dive straight down and into the water, coming up with fish.

-The blue heron that hangs out about 15 feet from the west boat landing

-I love the quiet at the end of the night. There's no passengers and we just sit, waiting, at one landing or the other. Walk around the boat, walk up onto the road, walk along the river, sit and knit. Last night there was at least 15 minutes of no cars at all.

-Today is my friday!

-The opportunity to take random gorgeous pictures. The location of the ferry truly is beautiful.

-Did I mention it's my friday? Cause it is, and that's awesome

-My mom is a sweetie. She's spending the night with me until Michael's out of the hospital. It was very sweet this morning hanging out with her having breakfast together. Night shift is sort of handy for that, actually.

-There's a stray cat that lives on the west side of the river. B feeds the cat his leftovers. Last night it wasn't even running away when he'd approach. It's sweet.

-My mom did my dishes this morning. awwwww.

-The sweater I'm knitting is so gorgeous. I was really hesitant cause there's a lot of colors in it. But the larger it gets (I just separated off the arms), the more and more I love it. The yarn is soft and I can't wait to wear it.

-Time to go to work. The sooner I leave, the sooner friday is over, and it's the weekend!

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  1. Oh Jenny - this is such a great blog and your pictures are beyond wonderful. So glad your mom is with you - she needs it-needs her family and you get to be the one. I'm jealous but glad. Can't wait to see the sweater .. Love to you!