Sunday, April 22, 2012

Closed, Open, Closed, Open

We closed the ferry Wednesday morning. K was down at the ferry training, since her first solo shift will be this coming Wednesday. She did great opening, and landed as well as can be expected in bad river conditions. The boss was at the dentist in the morning and had meetings the rest of the day. So he wasn't able to really help determine when to close. When I talked to him, he essentially said, "You're the operator, I can't be there. You have to make the call when to close." I agonized over this. Finally, I decided to close. We weren't at 13.5 feet yet, but we were heading in that direction, and it was impossible to land without really slamming into the rocks. So we closed. I went home and agonized over the decision for about 4 hours, then looked at the river levels and forecasts again, and quickly realized I'd made exactly the right decision. Such a relief. The ferry has been closed all weekend.

I texted with my boss yesterday, to determine that the boat would be closed today (therefore, I took a vacation day), and that we may be able to open in the morning tomorrow, but that it'll be later in the morning. I'll go down later than my usual 6:45 in the morning, and call him to determine when we're ready to open.

The river is going to go down this week, but then right back up to possibly close again next weekend. I am so tired of this. I just want my routine back. It's funny, according to my mom, when the ferry was closed, I complained about being in the shops, and when the ferry was open, I complained about being on the boat. Yeah, I know. I can't be pleased. So what!? :)

The weather this weekend has been amazing. I spent almost all day today gardening. I planted giant sunflowers along the front of my house. I hope they're giant, and that they'll provide some shade from the scorching sun this summer. It was wonderful being outside in 80 degree weather all day. Tomorrow should be the same. I'm looking forward to my typical summer morning activity at work of sitting out in my deck chair and drinking my coffee.


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  2. Your stepfather agrees with your mother, Cap'n!