Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still Closed

The ferry is still VERY closed. The boss sent me this picture from the ferry today:

That's the gate at the top of the ramp, almost totally covered. Need to see that better?

The gated area around the tower was flooded as well. See all the debris stuck to the fence? That'll be a pain in the butt to clear off.

Oh, plus there's a washout under the road right at the ferry, my coworkers described it as a "bear den" cause it goes almost all the way under the road. It'll take awhile before we can get that fixed.

We had a staff meeting this morning, and right before it was wrapping up, the boss got a phone call that the ferry was somehow in the middle of the river. Turns out that the two ropes we'd used to tie the ferry to trees and metal supports had both broken, plus the super heavy duty chain locking the ferry had also broken. The boat was still safe and attached, there were several lines attaching it to the power lines up above. So they had to get in a work boat, motor out to the ferry that's adrift in the middle of the river, climb aboard, then just drive back to the ramp and tie it back up, and tie it better. And by that point, the local paper had gotten wind of it, and was down there taking pictures. So if it's in the newspaper tomorrow (and since it's the Salem paper, it'll probably be a slow news day and it'll probably be front page news), I'll link it for you tomorrow.

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