Sunday, December 18, 2011

Did I tell you about the toilet?

A few weeks ago, I broke the toilet. Ok, honestly, I don't think I broke the toilet, but it broke, at 6:45 pm on a Wednesday, the end of my week. So I had to leave something in the toilet, with a mortifyingly embarrassing note for my coworker. So so so gross.

When I got to work the following Sunday, there was a porta-potty (known at public works as a blue room, since they're blue. These guys are soooo creative!) up the hill and inside a gated area. The toilet was still broken. I knew it wouldn't do anything to complain about having to use the blue room, even though it was super cold that week, with dense fog and periods of freezing fog. On the old boat, which was around for 55 years, the only toilet was a blue room. Most of the other operators, including my boss, worked the BV, and used the blue room for years. The main reason I didn't complain about it though, was that I knew I had the next week off, and that my boss was going to work my shifts.

See, my boss used to work the ferries full time. But now he's in the office, and his health and fitness aren't what they used to be. Having the power to fix things, he was going to make sure the toilet was fixed so he didn't have to climb the hill each time for four days.

And sure enough, I came to work today, and the toilet works! Hooray! There was a note inside the cabin from my coworker that said:
"The head is up and running agein. Just make shur not to put too much tp down it at wonce. The pipes clog up really easy latly. That's what [boss's name] said." (all spelling is his)

So honestly, I feel like I'm going to catch some of the blame here. Since we all know girls use waaaaaaaay more toilet paper than boys. I'd put money on it that the boss will come by tomorrow and mention the toilet paper usage. Especially with the "that's what [boss] said" part. The boss likes to have someone to blame. Whatever.

The best part, though, is this:

That's a hanger. And the hanger says, "new tool for unpluggin toilet. Do not throw out". I have sooooo many things to say about this. Wouldn't we need a whole pack of hangers? Are we supposed to rinse and reuse? Having never used a hanger to unclug a toilet, I'm assuming I pull it into a long rectangle and shove... Right? Hook part first? It's just so damn weird. Really weird. And quite hilarious.

Screw it all, I can pee in peace and not in a freezing cold smelly blue room. I can tolerate most anything.

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  1. not sure it'll give you much ammo, but I totally disagree with the girls-use-more-tp statement. The men in my life use YARDS of it. My brother and his friend came to visit me once a few years ago and the two of them used up every roll in my house. I don't want to know what they were using it all for...